Filter coffee feelings Very well captured. Her passing deeply saddened me despite never really following the politics or the news of the state. It surprised me that it didn’t seem to matter that I hadn’t lived in Chennai for over 15 years now -that while reading those headlines late Mon night, it felt like someone had stolen important childhood photographs. Like taking the 29C bus every morning at 7:20am for two years and watching the morning sunshine reflected on those ubiquitous party posters with the two-leaves and her confident face. To me, MY city will never be the same without her. May … Continue reading Filter coffee feelings

“In the midst of life, everything revolved around death”

It took me an entire year to read, but as I flipped the last page of ‘Norwegian Wood’, the overwhelming feeling wasn’t one of achievement but strangely one of loss – I wouldn’t get to be a discreet observer of Watanabe’s world anymore. A feeling of responsibility came over me– to somehow walk over to that phone booth and tell him it was all going to be ok; the way he did for Naoko, for Midori’s father, for Hatsumi; to relieve him atleast a little bit of all that burden he had been carrying at 20 years of age, without … Continue reading “In the midst of life, everything revolved around death”