My hat and I went to Korea!


There are only two possible reasons to buy a peach colored hat with a white bow on it – temporary insanity during a shopping spree OR you live in the Buckingham palace. Mine wasn’t the latter. Since I don’t believe in sunk cost, I decided to actually use the hat by spending 100x more (!) to go to the one place I could wear it on the streets, without setting off the dogs. Seoul – Korea ! So we went, my hat and I, and felt perfectly at home in Asia’s most fashionable country. With the magic of K-pop street performances, cutting-edge fashion, interesting food (try pronouncing Bibimbap back-to-back 10 times) and a young spirited population; the whole city felt like a college campus during cult-fest

Our top 3 moments:

  • Climbing over the fence of Ayami guesthouse at midnight with a suitcase no less, trying to check-in. Freaky! Glad they didn’t have guard dogs. @Ayami please sell those bongos in the living room and install doorbells instead.
  • Competing with Brazilian theoretical physicists in a Karaoke bar @ Hongdae and placing LAST! (The boson boys could sure hold a note or two!)
  • Being the 3rd wheel on someone’s first date 😐 (Sorry Missha and Sagar! You both seemed so friendly. I didn’t guess until two hours later.) Saturday nights at the popular “Thursday party” in Itaewon is truly the place to be.Seoul is awesome. Do visit. Just don’t get carried away shopping for products that you neither want nor know how to use. Anyone want face masks? I bought a 100. I’ll throw in that hat for free