Building my Batmobile, while managing portfolio risk


So you just watched Captain America. Great! Soon you will watch X-Men, before possibly going for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in early June. That’s three superhero movies within a month, not counting Batman vs. Superman which with its ‘Martha mom’ moment, didn’t make the cut here for me. So what superhero powers should you have on a BAU basis? The good news is, today you get to choose online – even as you join a LinkedIn group, follow someone new on Twitter or publish your own post on Facebook.

Just in case you are under the illusion that you need not jump on the social media bandwagon or be more ‘visible’ online, because you are a lawyer or a banker or any other  ‘-er’, think twice, just like I did two months back, because being a ‘superhero’ will soon be part of life’s course credits, one that you need to fulfil, to be a graduate in tomorrow’s world. I have since come to believe that the power of the resources available via user-friendly, creative apps can be drawn upon, for customizing your own set of powers which can then be showcased via the right social media platforms. I have begun shopping and showcasing (albeit in a small way) in multiple platforms now: a) I gave my LinkedIn profile details, a light-hearted spin before which they screamed serious and possibly boring banker, which although mostly true, is not my only identity. b) I started posting more on Twitter and gained powers 140 characters at a time, all while having fun and knowing that the world has some very witty and hilarious people c) I chronicled my California solo-travel experience in 350 words on Facebook, which appears to have gone down well.

Everybody will need to be more than one person in tomorrow’s world. We are fast approaching a world where bankers have toned bodies and possibly a head full of hair (!), supermodels profit from market volatility and lawyers have ten thousand followers on Instagram. You wouldn’t keep all your money in one savings account or put everything in the stock market, would you? Why then should we be content having just one identity? By doing one thing (ie. Likely your day job) exceptionally well you can be Bruce Wayne; but to be Batman, we all need the gadgets, and the right apps / social media options can help you build your own Batmobile.

 I am building mine with original parts from Babbel (a language learning app), fixing it with clues from Crossword Cryptic Lite and making it look shiny with fashion feeds from Pinterest, all alongside reading articles on Economist, on a regular basis, helped by better time management.

So, what superhero powers are you possibly hiding? Download and find out, and share it online on Gotham’s wall !

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