RoGoMac – My Rose Gold Macbook !


Humanity in often hosted in generous measure within the white walls of the huge ‪#‎Apple‬ store in Hong Kong’s IFC mall, which I often pass by, never really understanding what the big fuss was about Apple products (or Game of Thrones for that matter, but thats for another day). I had never owned an Apple product or ever considered buying one, being one of those swear-by-Android-and-cant-be-bothered awesome homosapiens. But by the end of the day that Apple announced its first quarterly revenue decline since 2003, I had ironically and unintentionally become the proud owner of the recently launched 12 inch ‪#‎rosegold‬ ‪#‎Macbook‬ (referred hereon as ‪#‎RoGoMac‬), which looked like Japanese cherry blossom on a computing device. Heres how I got drawn in:

In ‪#‎HongKong‬ ’s financial district, a zebra could walk next to you and you wouldn’t notice, for the area is mostly a collage of black and white at eye level. There’s all those formal suits and high-end black office dresses, with some grey thrown in overhead thanks to the mostly moody sky against which more grey skyscrapers compete to blur the lines (often successfully) between office space and open air. Inside the buildings, excels and word documents provide a conducive environment where black makes a mark on white in the form of numbers and letters. A lucky few get to work on powerpoints, with the gentle promise of occasionally being allowed to tweak the RGB settings. I wasn’t one of those lucky ones and on one of those days while I was finding my way around the black and white pit, RoGoMac, caught my eye.

With its patented Retina Display, it promised to bring my entire grey world into one enigmatic rose gold focus at a density of 226 pixels per inch, and bringing into better view, the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and the hot Hemsworth brothers, (among other focusable objects that is). Add to that, the 10 hour battery life with which one could get closer to watching the extended version of all the LOTR movies in one uninterrupted sitting while simultaneously writing bitcoin code, thanks to the sixth generation Intel processor (now that Craig Wright couldn’t prove his claims, I am strengthening my own campaign as bitcoin creator:p). With the right search strings, it was also possible to find non-dubious websites that swore by the calming effect of rose gold (no one can have too many stress busters right?). In a highly deluded moment, I could have sworn I almost saw Gollum holding it and whispering ‘My Precious’. I suddenly felt like I understood how extra-marital affairs began, given I already had two other pinkish coloured and perfectly functional smart devices. I quickly jotted down a few reasons to justify my purchase, in case RoGoMac and I ever get caught during the act.

  1. With significant initial expenses that cause notable dents in the wallet, the Mac costs nearly half a zebra, (if it weren’t illegal to trade them that is). But 50% of a black and white zebra still gives you black or white, while here you get exotic and exclusive rose gold !
  2. Sure, one could buy Ferragamo shoes for that price. But when you are trying to catch the eye of that cute stranger in the cafe, would you rather make a great first impression by sneaking a look over your sleek RoGoMac or point your Ferragamo heels in his face? Likely the former, unless you are the hot girl in the heels scene from Wolf of Wall Street!
  3. Its no secret that the weak commodity prices in the last year has had far reaching economic impact. Although you can add iron bars to your window to do your bit to increase demand and prices, RoGoMac is a great bet as its an alloy of copper and gold, and Copper too could really use some love right now.
  4. True, you can buy Tiffany rose gold jewellery instead, but as a girl, theres a good chance that you might get it for free especially if you can remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil or if that doesn’t work you already know what will. For the guys reading this, note that while RoGoMac comes with a 1 year Applecare warranty, theres no guarantee that your Tiffany gift will translate into (re)payments in kind ! (stereotyping with apologies) So RoGoMac is a much better bet.

Convinced yet? For those who wish to continue being awesome (read Androiders), check out the Samsung smart devices in rose gold! ps: I do still absolutely love my Android devices

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