Building my Batmobile, while managing portfolio risk

So you just watched Captain America. Great! Soon you will watch X-Men, before possibly going for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in early June. That’s three superhero movies within a month, not counting Batman vs. Superman which with its ‘Martha mom’ moment, didn’t make the cut here for me. So what superhero powers should you have on a BAU basis? The good news is, today you get to choose online – even as you join a LinkedIn group, follow someone new on Twitter or publish your own post on Facebook. Just in case you are under the illusion that you need not jump … Continue reading Building my Batmobile, while managing portfolio risk

RoGoMac – My Rose Gold Macbook !

Humanity in often hosted in generous measure within the white walls of the huge ‪#‎Apple‬ store in Hong Kong’s IFC mall, which I often pass by, never really understanding what the big fuss was about Apple products (or Game of Thrones for that matter, but thats for another day). I had never owned an Apple product or ever considered buying one, being one of those swear-by-Android-and-cant-be-bothered awesome homosapiens. But by the end of the day that Apple announced its first quarterly revenue decline since 2003, I had ironically and unintentionally become the proud owner of the recently launched 12 inch ‪#‎rosegold‬ ‪#‎Macbook‬ (referred hereon as ‪#‎RoGoMac‬), … Continue reading RoGoMac – My Rose Gold Macbook !